Danny Mirabal

"Local NYC based filmmaker"

“To be an artist means never to avert one's eyes”

“Akira Kurosawa”

Framing and composition which is just one aspect of filmmaking. It’s not generalizing but instead saying that I’m doing it all including Editing, Sound, and Visuals to in turn create the True Emotion.

My name is Danny Mirabal, a working Shooter/Producer in TV Media. I am a motivated seeker of adventure and enjoying filmmaking who is based out of the Tri- State area. I started filming from a very young age where I would run around my childhood home making home movies, and making my brother be my main actor for everything I shot.

I have produced, written, and directed many short films, Documentaries, Commercials, Music Videos and TV Shows. I have also traveled across the world from places like China and Europe to film promotional content, and educational programs for Broadcast Television.

Currently producing 3 shows at Sinovision, mostly dealing with Chinese Culture and Authentic Chinese Food.

Filmmaking is my passion and If you would like to connect feel free to contact me @



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